Easy to use

We have developed our products in such a way that it doesn’t require any learning curve or technical skills. All you have to do is point the InfyZer to fruits, and it does all the job of performing specialised laboratory-grade tests.

Instant results

Stakeholders in the food supply chains have to scan food items. The device is connected to our app via Bluetooth. The data is sent to our cloud servers, where our powerful AI algorithms reside.The sent data is instantly analysed based on numerous qualitative factors by our AI and machine learning algorithms and shared back to the mobile app where users can see the test results

Affordable Tests

With our products and services, there is no need to conduct food contamination tests in a lab facility or hire specialists. Thus, allowing you to save various incurred costs in the process. Best of all, you can perform Get instant test results and see if your fruits are contaminated with harmful substances in the real-time.

User-friendly app

InfyZer is connected with a mobile application through which data captured by the device is shared to the cloud servers for processing by deep learning algorithms. In just a few seconds, our IoT system detects all the harmful chemical substance (if present) and display it on the mobile app screen.