Features Rich InfyUV To Ease Your Job

Smartphone controlled device with a user-friendly interface

InfyUV comes embedded with IoT technology, that means you can control the device from your smartphones and operate it without any hassle. And what better than an easy, clean and user-friendly interface to guide you throughout.

A single charge lasts for two days

InfyUV gives you the advantage of being a battery backed-up device. With a single charging, lastly for two days make the most use of your portable device. Carry out the process of surface disinfection without any interruption.

An LED lifetime of around two years

Make the intelligent choice with InfyUV and an LED lifetime of around two years. The long LED lifespan ensures that it consumes up to 90% less power and is energy efficient.

Custom profile option with auto turn off as per the used case

Get the benefit of customization and select the options you want. InfyUV lets you make a custom profile as per your use case and then operate the devices according to your needs.

Refrigerator Basket

Keep fruits and vegetables inside your refrigerator germ free. InfyUV helps kill all the surface stuck bacteria and germs residing on the surface of the stock. It also helps your food stay fresh for longer and prevent it from spoiling

Food Bags

The world is dealing with the adverse effects of COVID-19. With such a high potent virus around, food bags are susceptible to infection as they get touched by multiple hands. But with InfyUV, you can sanitize and disinfect the food bags that too within seconds. Stay away from the risk of consuming infected food and ensure complete safety.

Wardrobe Closets

Everybody wants to clean their cloths every time they come from outside because of Corona crises. But washing cloths every time is not possible. With InfyUV, you can reach even the smallest corners in the wardrobe and disinfect your cloths in wardrobe efficiently.

Open Area and Lavatories

Open Areas and Lavatories are exposed to germs and bacterias every day. Our InfyUV portable device lets you disinfect the lavatories, floor and open spaces

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