Boost The Quality Of Food Through Breakthrough Technology To Assess Food Quality and Grading

Infyzer - Handheld device for non-invasive grading of Fruits and Vegetables Based on spectroscopy and powered by Deep Learning based predictive models on the cloud, Infyzer is your go-to technology to sort and categorize fruits and vegetables. This handheld device makes it convenient for you to 'grade' fruits according to the chemical composition to fetch a high value in the market. The deep learning algorithms make it a matter of seconds for you to carry out the grading process, which is completely hassle-free. On top of that, InfyZer is a handheld device with IoT backed up applications that facilitate automated grading and digitizing.

What Quality Factors Infyzer Grades?

Quality is the property or set of inherent things you can judge their values. InfyZer helps you grade food material based on two essential categories. Internal quality factors include the taste, the texture,the nutrition and the lack of biotic and abiotic contaminants in fruits and vegetables. External quality factors include appearance, uniformity, maturity and freshness of fruits.

Analyze Important Parameters Within Seconds!

Capsaicin Content

Nutritional Values

Moisture Content

Dry Matter

Sugar Content (°BRIX)

Pesticide Level

Soluble Solids (°BRIX)


Shelf life



Give Your Food Grading System The Power of IoT and Deep Learning

Get Instant, Hassle-Free Results

Conventional and manual methods of food grading are expensive, tiresome and require manual labour. Experience a complete hassle-free and quick quality inspection through Infyzer's handheld device. It's IoT based technology helps you to grade food items within seconds and that too non invasively.

Need Not Be A Expert

You need not bang your head understanding the technology and watch endless how-to tutorials to understand the working principles of Infyzer. It gives you a smooth experience and lets the technology behind it do all the work. Get going without the involvement of trained lab technicians and skilled testers. Infyzer ensures instant results, thus eliminating the need to wait for long hours for results.

Get Rid Of Hefty Transportation Costs and Produce Damage

Transportation of bulky produce may cost you bombs, and it always poses a risk of damaging the produce. But, with InfyZer, you don't need to spend on transport anywhere. The handheld, the portable device is capable of fast food grading through cloud-enabled technology. It uses your mobile device's connection and sends accessible data on the cloud.

Ensure Minimal Wastage and Destruction

Conventional food testing techniques cause heavy produce wastage and destruction. Infyzer eliminates the need for shipment and makes sure that you retain most part of your stock. It guarantees minimal wastage as it is based on the underlying principle of non-destructive food grading.

How We Use Technology To Make Invasion Free Grading Possible?

Infyzer works on the underlying principle of Spectroscopy, one of the most promising techniques to determine the quality of forage, grains, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products. Coupled with the power of deep learning techniques and algorithms, Infyzer is the one-stop solution for long-prevailing food safety problems.